Daughters of the Ummah was set up by Aid Convoy in March 2017. One of the first projects taken by the sisters was in Ramadhan 2017, where two aid containers were filled exclusively by sisters in the UK for sisters in Syria. The containers were packed with pallets of food, clothing, baby items, sunnah products, medicines and ladies essentials. Daughters of the Ummah has also supported the iftaar project, which has been a massive success.

The Daughters of the Ummah fundraise regularly across the UK (pallets of food are then purchased or put towards the project) They prepare many packs such as: sunnah packs, ladies essentials, baby producs, support for the widows and orphans. We have a team of sisters who also regularly sort and pack aid at the Aid Convoy warehouse. In sha Allaah the DOTU aim to build a sisterhood across the UK that come together as ONE to serve the suffering of the Ummah.


There are many specific focused teams that are set up and slowly continue to be set up. Our team consists of the following.

Distribution Team

Sales Team

Fundraising Team

Packing Aid Team